How it works

We record the testers as they use your product and just a few days later you’ll receive the videos showing the test-results and their feedback. This valuable insight is what you need to make your product even better.

What to test?

Are you in the final stage of developing a new app? Or have you just started creating a website? User testing can start wherever you are in the development or design phase. All that's required is that you have content that can be displayed on a computer in a user-test.

  • Websites and online stores
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Campaigns and ads
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social media content
  • Digital user journeys

Automatic recruitment of your target audience

We handle all the recruitment for you. All you need to do is to select the number of testers and your target criteria. Do you have specific requirements around behavioural habits and purchasing patterns?We’ll find the right testers for you.

Who are the testers?

Our testers are asked to give you authentic and genuine feedback. Therefore, they're not in an artificial lab with unfamiliar tools – they’re comfortable and seated in a familiar setting (such as a sofa at home), using their own devices.

Creating test tasks and questions

You decide whether to use our templates or create your own questions and tasks. Whatever you choose, we’re here to help you.

See and hear the reactions

We’ll provide videos of the testers, showing their experience with your products/services You'll be able to hear what they say, read their body language, and see their interactions. Sounds useful, doesn’t it?

Get results in 2-3 days

Getting back the first test result can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, depending on how difficult it is for us to recruit testers that match your target criteria. Each test result comes with an overview of the tasks, allowing you to easily jump back and forth between viewing the tester’s performance on different tasks.

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