With a company plan on Teston your next usertest is just around the corner.


Gather your colleagues in a company account. The license is on us the first 2 weeks! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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We'll create a tailor-made deal for you that test a lot. Contact us for a talk, and we'll find a solution that fits your needs!

You need a company plan to publish tests. The monthly subscription for the Standard plan allows access for up to 5 company users. The Enterprise plan allows more company users, depending on your company's needs. The monthly subscription covers customer support, hosting fees for videos, maintenance and development of the service as well as recruitment and operation of our Standard test panel.

NOK 950,- per month Custom

The standard company account allows for up to 5 company users who can access, publish, view tests, and analyse test results. For enterprise accounts, you can add an unlimited number of company users to your plan.

1-5 Unlimited

You pay a fixed amount per tester when you launch a test. Each test lasts up to 20 minutes. You decide how many tests you want to do and how often you want to do them. The fee covers the testers' compensation, recruitment of testers and video storage.

NOK 850,- Custom. Discounts are available for high volumes.

To protect the privacy of our testers, test results are automatically deleted after a fixed period of time. For standard plans, we offer 6 months of storage, as all test results are normally analysed within this amount of time. Since bigger companies may have more detailed procedures with more stakeholders involved, we offer 12 months of storage for Enterprise plans.

6 months 12 months

With regular segmentation, you get access to all our demographic questions such as age, gender, occupation, living conditions and many more. The number of available questions is still growing. For more information on segmentation, take a look at our help pages. For Enterprise customers, we can introduce new segments and help you recruit unique audiences.

Regular Tailored

An internal panel gives you the means to recruit and test with people from your own network. These may be customers, members, employees or the like. We set up a customised landing page where you can recruit your own group of testers. Conducting a test with participants from an internal panel is, of course, cheaper than testing with participants from our Standard panel.

No Yes

For the Standard plan, we use Stripe to process safe and secure transaction via card payment. If you want to be invoiced, this is offered through the Enterprise plan.

Card payment Invoice

Chat support is available for all users every weekday between 9 AM and 5 PM (CET). Enterprise customers will additionally have access to extended Slack and phone support.

E-mail and chat E-mail, chat, phone and Slack

It’s nice to get assistance from experts when you’re feeling uncertain. We have lots of experience in user testing and we’re happy to review test scripts and provide you with hints and tips on how to improve your test to make sure you get the best results possible.

If your company is opting for an Enterprise plan, we can even set up a free onboarding workshop for your employees, on site.

Yes Yes, including onboarding workshop

Work together

Invite your colleagues to a shared company plan so you can work together to create user tests and analyse valuable results together.

You're the test-creator

After a tester has completed one of your tests, they will see your company name appear as the creator of the test. This transparency is important for privacy purposes, because testers need to know who they've been testing for, before agreeing to upload and share their video. This also helps build trust and a sense of appreciation by showing testers who they’ve helped in taking a test.

A tool like Teston gives us valuable insight and empathy for users we don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face. This, in combination with how quickly we receive results, enables us to innovate faster than before.

Veronica Heltne
UX Research Lead, Schibsted Media