Taking the hassle out of user testing

Remote, unmoderated user testing.
Video results from users anywhere, anytime.

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Bringing user insights to companies like

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Easy peasy self-service testing

  • 1

    Define target audience

    Leave the recruiting to us, or recruit your own users through creating your own panel.

  • 2

    Make test tasks

    Create questions and tasks for the test. We'll help you along with hints and test templates!

  • 3

    Publish the test

    …And let Teston do its magic! We start recruiting the testers you want, and then they take your test.

  • Wait for testers…

    You should get back videos from users within hours!

  • 4

    Analyse user videos!

    We capture the reactions of your users through recording their face, voice and screen.

What are people saying about us?

A tool like Teston provides valuable insight and empathy for users that we don’t meet face to face. This, in combination with how quickly we receive results, ensures that we can innovate faster than before.

A photo of Veronica Heltne, Head of UX
Schibsted Media

Veronica Heltne

Head of UX
Schibsted Media

We want to use Teston in addition, because it lets us test more often so that we understand our customers even better, and with less effort from our side. It also means that we can test our prototypes at an even earlier stage.

A photo of Elizabeth Strand, Head of Customer experience
If skadeforsikring

Elizabeth Strand

Head of Customer experience
If skadeforsikring

Teston makes it easier for us to ensure that the quality we deliver to our clients is top notch with insights from the clients' actual target demographic. It's incredibly valuable for us to test more often and faster.

A photo of Yann Smith Kielland, Interaction Design Senior
Accenture Interactive

Yann Smith Kielland

Interaction Design Senior
Accenture Interactive


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Boost your business

Happier customers

Create better experiences for your products and services.

Gain more

Increase sales, conversions, engagement and retention!

Save time and cost

Testing often and early means saving time and development costs!

Capture natural reactions

Familiar environment

Being in a familiar space and using personal devices allows users to test more comfortably and realistically.

Natural behaviour

With no one watching over the shoulder, users are more likely to take their time, and act as they’d normally do.

Honest feedback

Without anyone moderating the test, users don’t need to worry about offending anyone!

Add unmoderated testing to your toolbox

Use Teston alongside your other methods!

Unmoderated testing is a quick and inexpensive way to get user feedback and validate ideas and designs.

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We are Teston

We were missing a tool for quick, easy and localised user testing. So we decided to make it ourselves! Our headquarters are in Oslo, but we also have offices in Stockholm and Berlin, and our team comes from all over the world.

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