Earn up to €10 for every 20 mins of feedback

Do what thousands of others have done - sign up and give feedback. You can do it whenever, wherever, and earn some money on the side by giving honest feedback to companies through video recordings.

Things you might be wondering about...

Earn 10 € for each 20-minute test. You’re entitled to the money as long as you completed the test and the company is satisfied with your test result. You get paid for a test in the middle of the following month.

You’ll also be offered shorter tests. For example, you can take a 5-minute test for 4 €. For each test, you’ll see the time-length and amount of money you’ll earn displayed before you take the test.

How much you earn depends on the number of tests available and if they fit your profile. This varies from month to month, due to the changing needs of the companies creating tests.

Please check with your local tax office whether you have to declare this income in your tax return and what other regulations apply.

We’ll send you an email whenever there’s a test available for you. You decide whether you want to test and you can delete your account whenever you want.

For designers and developers of digital services, user-testing is an important way to see how real people understand and use their products and services.

A user test is a collection of questions and tasks. An example of a question might be: "How often do you shop online?" and an example of a task might be "Try to find a pair of nice trousers to buy in this online store." You’ll typically receive a link to existing websites or prototypes when you complete the tasks.

To motivate you to complete user tests, you’re rewarded with a small payment after each of your test results have been accepted. This is a token of appreciation from the companies you help, who are able to make more user-friendly products thanks to testers like you.

"Questions” and “Tasks" may sound scary, but don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers in user testing. The most important thing is that you’re honest and that you try your best to be yourself during the test. You’re not the one being tested. You’re the tester, testing a company’s product or service.

While the test is in progress your screen will be recorded, and the webcam will record your face and voice. You decide when the video recording starts and ends. During testing, video and audio recordings will be stored locally on your computer. At the end of each test, you decide if you want to upload the recording or not.

If you choose to upload a recording, it’ll be stored on our servers for a maximum of 12 months. Only the company that created the test, and employees at Teston, will be able to access it. The video will not be posted or shared anywhere outside of Teston without your explicit permission.

The company does not know who you are. We only share your first name and basic information that you’ve provided, such as age, gender, and education. If you don't share your name or contact info during testing, you will remain anonymous. Testing is a safe experience.

To take tests with your iPhone, download our app, and make sure your iPhone has been updated to the newest iOS version. Soon you’ll be able to take tests with Android phones as well!

To test with your computer, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser and our chrome extension It’s free and easy to install.

Your computer also needs to have a webcam and a microphone. Most laptops already have these built-in. If you have a desktop PC, you may need to use an external microphone and webcam. If you’re unsure, you can start a test and we’ll test the microphone and camera for you.

Anyone can give feedback.

As long as you…

  • are at least 18 years old
  • have a PC, Mac or iPhone
  • have access to the internet
  • have access to a working web camera and microphone
  • use the Chrome web browser or the Teston iOS app
  • speak at least one of the following languages fluently: English, French, German, Norwegian, and/or Swedish
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