Self-service user testing in 4 simple steps!

  • 1

    Define target audience

    Leave the recruiting to us, or recruit your own users through creating your own panel.

  • 2

    Make test tasks

    Create questions and tasks for the test. We’ll help you along with hints and test templates!

  • 3

    Publish the test

    ...And let Teston do its magic! We start recruiting the testers you want, and they take your test.

  • Wait for testers...

    You should get back videos from users within hours!

  • 4

    Analyse user videos!

    We capture the reactions of your users through recording their face, voice and screen.

Test anything on a computer

... or mobile, soon!

Desktop or laptop

All our tests run on the Google Chrome browser. Test anything that you can link to! No need to install anything to create a test.

You can test websites, clickable prototypes, campaings and ads, social media content – and much, much more.

Try it for free


Coming soon!

We’ll start by launching iOS testing, and thereafter mobile web testing. Android will come later this year.

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Insights through video results

Guaranteed test quality

Something wrong with the recording? Tester not thinking aloud? We’ll give you a free replacement!

Collaborate with your team

Send links with timestamps to your colleagues for quick sharing of key findings.

Quick test results

Usually it only takes a few hours to get back video results. If you have a very specific target audience, it can take up to 2-3 days.


Target your users

Use our segment filters to find the right people to test with. Segments are the same for both our Teston panel and your own internal panels.

Sensitive test tasks

Use this to test tasks that require testers to share or enter sensitive data. Recording stops as testers do the sensitive test task.

Test templates

Use our templates for inspiration or import them directly into your test script for valuable insights!

5 or 20 minute tests

Sometimes you want to test a single page, or a small design change. Other times, it’s necessary to test a full user journey. Choose the test length that suits you!