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Can I choose which testers to test with?

Sure thing! Just use our segments in the target audience step.

If you have a very specific target audience, it’s important that you reach the right people. On Teston you can do this through choosing segments in the target audience step.

Testers can be segmented in many different ways, for example by gender, age, occupation, computer proficiency, income, and more.

Need more specific segmentation?

If you’re on the Premium plan, you can request new segments by contacting us at, with the subject "New segment request."

A new segment question could be about…

  • How often a tester typically goes to the gym
  • What dietary restrictions/preferences a testers has
  • What sports a tester plays

You can’t handpick a specific tester from our panel of testers. But you can recruit and test with your own test-participants through creating an internal panel.

Find out more about internal panels here.

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