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What happens if I cancel a test? Can I take a test again?

We don't store recordings for cancelled tests, and you won't be able to take the same test again.

We don’t store cancelled recordings

Your recordings will never be shared with us without your explicit consent! This means that if you cancel a test, the recording will be deleted. We don’t store any data related to tests that you choose to cancel.

Companies can’t see cancelled recordings

Your test recording will only be stored and shared with the company that created the test after you’ve uploaded the video. You won’t get to the upload step unless you complete the entire test. So if you’ve cancelled a test, neither Teston nor the company that created the test can access your cancelled recording.

It’s not possible to take a cancelled test again

Cancelling a test also means that you’ll lose access to that particular test. You’ll never be able to take the same test twice because you already know the tasks and this can affect your answers.

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