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Do I need to install anything?

Yes. To take part in tests you’ll need to add our Chrome extension and/or download our iPhone app. Both are free and easy to install!

Chrome extension

You need to open the test in the web browser Google Chrome. It’s free and quick to download if you don’t have it already. You can download Chrome here!

You also need to add our extension to the chrome browser that lets you record tests while on This is also free and even quicker to do!

What’s a browser extension, and what does it do?

A browser extension is a little program that lets you customise and expand the abilities of your browser. We made the Teston extension in order to make it possible for you to record your screen during the tests, and so that the browser can send the recording to Teston.

After adding it to your browser you’ll see a small Teston icon in the upper right corner of your browser. You can remove it at any point (except during a test that you want to upload and get paid for) by right-clicking the icon and selecting “remove from Chrome”.

iPhone app

You can also take tests on your iPhone. Download our app in the App Store!

Make sure that your iPhone is upgraded to iOS version 13, since we unfortunately only support versions 13 and above.

Testing on tablets and Android phones will come later this year.

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