Localisation is our jam!

Testing with the right people is so important. Use Teston to find local users and test in your local language.

Languages we exist in so far:

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • German
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Users from all around the world

The Teston panel spans the globe! It’s constantly growing through word of mouth and targeted recruitment.

So far, we're mainly in:

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Who are our testers?

People of all ages

Age Segment

Our testers range from young adults to retirees. We welcome any age, so long as you’re above 18!

All walks of life

Industry Segment

Our testers come from very different backgrounds–anything and everything from IT to healthcare.

These are our some of our categories. On the platform you’ll see many more!

We've got a mix!

Gender Segment

Need to test with only men or women for a product/service? We can help with that!

Want to recruit your own users?

Create your own panel

Our internal panels allow you to do your own recruitment. We create a customised landing page where people can sign up to your panel.

  • 1 Custom link for your sign up page
  • 2 Your background image
  • 3 Your logo
  • 4 Your blurb – we’d be happy to help you with this!

You might be wondering..

No, they’re just regular people who are interested in user testing for companies like yours!

All they need is a PC or Mac laptop, the Chrome browser, and our Chrome extension - that’s it.

Before a tester can take a test created by a company, they need to complete our practice test, which teaches them how testing works.

Our panel of testers is constantly growing organically, but when we need to do additional recruitment for specific criteria, we use target Facebook ads.

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